BPC graduates obedient to call of praise, worship ministry

By Terry Gaston
BPC Public Relations

MOUNT VERNON -- When Daniel and Bonnie Hoover came from their respective hometowns to Brewton-Parker College in the mid-1990s, they both arrived with equipping themselves for careers in ministry.

What evolved during those years at Brewton-Parker resulted in their marriage and, following their graduations one year later, in the beginning of a praise and worship ministry that keeps the couple very busy and motivated for doing God's work.

The Hoovers, who perform as Daniel & Bonnie with two other musicians and one sound technician, returned to their alma mater on Thursday, Oct. 16, for an evening of praise and worship in Saliba Chapel as part of Brewton-Parker College's centennial celebration.

Through their ministry Worship One, Daniel & Bonnie have been leading worship through praise music in an on-the-road ministry since their graduation from Brewton-Parker in 1997. At one time, they were on the road for 20-22 days each month.

"We have stayed so busy independently that we have never had to self-promote," Bonnie said. "Musically, we are trying to keep up with what God wanted us to do."

Since they became directors of student arts at NorthStar Church in Kennesaw, the Hoovers now spend two to three weekends each month on the road, and back for Sunday night services, while shifting their focus on conducting various types of camps and conferences.

Daniel & Bonnie have Student Praise Band Conferences in five states this year, during which student bands and drama teams attend biblically and musically based seminars aimed at improving their ministries.

"The heart of what we do is investing in the heart of student ministries, teaching the body of Christ and cultivating student artists," Daniel said.

Daniel & Bonnie also conduct Encounter Weekends at local churches, focusing on helping a student team get a better grasp on its role as student worship leaders. These weekends focus on the two main aspects of encountering the Lord: studying His word and seeking His face in worship and praise.

"If we can take them in middle school and let them know it's more of being in the position of ministry than of celebrity, let them see their significance early and not the size of the stage, then success can be what God wants them to do," Daniel said.

Daniel and Bonnie Hoover have experienced such success in their ministry by making themselves available for God's call.

After accepting God's call on his life to ministry at age 16 in his hometown of Warner Robins, Daniel Hoover had no idea where God wanted him to serve. He said God continued to confirm that call by directing him out of sports and more into music and drama.

While a student at Brewton-Parker, Daniel served part-time on staff at a church as minister of music and youth. During that time, doors began to open for Daniel to lead worship for many student events, so he picked up the guitar in order to be obedient to where the Lord was leading.

A native of Swainsboro, Bonnie earned an associate degree from her hometown East Georgia College and transferred into Brewton-Parker her junior year and met Daniel. She had felt a previous calling to ministry, but had no musical background at all.

At Brewton-Parker, Bonnie majored in psychology with the idea that being a teacher would be a good profession for a pastor's wife.

In June 1996, Daniel and Bonnie were married, and six months afterward Bonnie began playing the bass guitar and found a natural talent for rhythm.

They finished their undergraduate degrees - Daniel in music/voice and Bonnie in psychology - in 1997, and a few months later, the face of Daniel's solo ministry changed to the praise and worship team of Daniel & Bonnie.

They then sensed the Lord leading them to a full-time traveling worship ministry, which evolved into WorshipOne.They have released one music CD and are working on a second.

"I am so thankful that God directs our steps," Bonnie said. "I feel that there is no greater calling in life than to be a worshiper of the Lord Most High! To be able to do that and to impact the lives of others in the process is far beyond anything I could have aspired to do with my life. I praise God every day for His calling on my life."


Daniel (right) and Bonnie Hoover, who met and married as students at Brewton-Parker College in the mid-1990s, lead an evening of praise and worship music at Saliba Chapel on the Brewton-Parker campus Thursday, Oct. 16. (Photo by Charles Conkin)