Coca-Cola Scholarships Aid Brewton-Parker Students

By Jennifer Vaughn
BPC Public Relations

MOUNT VERNON - Ten students from Brewton-Parker College students were awarded scholarships from the Coca-Cola Company for the spring semester.

Brewton-Parker students receiving the Coca-Cola scholarship are: Oliver E. Adams of Ailey, Melissa M. Barrow of Glenwood, Steven M. Bridgers of Cochran, Annie E. Chavis of Lyons, James M. Harrell of Albany, Jenifer S. Jacobs of Alma, Lucinda A. Lessington of Sylvania, Kelly M. Mosley of Appling, Amanda A. Olson of Newnan and Mark E. Stokes of Ludowici.

Coca-Cola has provided scholarships to many college students over the years. These scholarships range from $100 to more than $20,000.

The scholarships were awarded to students who had previously received the Georgia Tuition Equalization Grant (GTEG). For those students who attended last year's summer semester, their eligibility for GTEG ended in the fall since GTEG is available just for two semesters.

Coca-Cola is providing scholarships to these students to compensate for the reduction in the GTEG offered by the state of Georgia. GTEG was previously $522 until former Gov. Roy Barnes reduced the amount to $404, thus creating shortages for students attending the summer semester.

This scholarship will also offset costs for the spring semester not covered by the state of Georgia. By these students receiving the Coca-Cola scholarship, GTEG can now be provided to other students. To be eligible for GTEG, a student must be a full-time student and a Georgia resident.

Stokes said of his award: "This scholarship could not have come at a more perfect time, especially since Roy Barnes recently decided to cut two of my main scholarships in his frivolous fund-cutting campaign."

Adams stated: "I am grateful for the Coca-Cola scholarship because it helps me to get one step closer to complete my studies to become a middle grade education teacher."

Bridgers said: "It's an honor to have the support of Coca-Cola as it has graciously contributed to my college education. Their investment is greatly appreciated by my family and me."

During the fall semester at Brewton-Parker, Melissa Glass of Woodstock was the recipient of a renewed Coca-Cola scholarship.