President's Welcome: Don't Miss It!


By Dr. David Smith , BPC President

 One autumn day during my graduate studies, I attended the first day of a course in history that covered 2,000 years of human activity. The professor remarked, "We have a great deal of material to cover in a very short period of time. In fact, if you sneeze and drop your pencil, you will miss taking notes over at least 100 years of history!" 

In considering the many changes that have taken place on campus this summer, I am inclined to express our progress in a similar manner: Those who failed to visit during the summer have missed out on significant progress at Brewton-Parker College. Let me share with you just a few things that you may have missed during your summer absence.

The magnificent Student Activities Center is just a few short weeks away from occupancy! All summer crews of hard-working men and women have moved that project dramatically forward.  The Lee Center, attached to the Student Activities Center, has also been refurbished this summer.  It now includes a classroom, a very well equipped weight room, an aerobics room, a cardio-vascular room, a sauna, a diagnostic center and several offices. 

Baron Ridge Apartments have been thoroughly renovated over the past few months, and the occupants of that men's housing facility will be impressed with the many amenities added to the apartments. The cleanup around Jones Lake was accomplished earlier in the summer, and has added to the beautiful campus setting in a dramatic and safe manner. 

Most railing and decorative posts around the campus are repainted, and new pavement is being created around the athletic fields on the northwest side of BPC's grounds.  Of course, the snack bar and game room in Phillips Student Center have been reconstructed to provide for Internet access, great snacks and fast food options, pizza and a meeting/study area that will be extremely useful to every student this fall.

During the summer, BPC has added some outstanding faculty and staff members to its family.  Everyone in Montgomery County will benefit from their arrival here. I hope each of you will encounter some of these fine women and men in the near future.

If you were away from the campus for just a week, you missed something! It is exciting to be a part of an institution that is going through significant transformation, especially when every change adds to the beauty, function and quality of the programs and services we offer to our students and to our community. As you read the pages of The ArchWay this year, please understand that Brewton-Parker College is significantly transforming itself to be better equipped to serve you in the immediate future. 

Celebrate with us. Participate with us in using these new and newly renovated facilities, and join us as we progress toward the future.  There is room for each reader of the Montgomery Monitor around the table of fellowship and progress we have arranged at BPC.