Montgomery County Bank Gift to BPC

07 - 15 - 2002

Montgomery County Bank continues its tradition of faithfully supporting Brewton-Parker College with a gracious gift of $150,000.  The money will be applied toward the construction cost of the college's new Student Activities Center. According to Dr. David Smith, President of Brewton-Parker College, "Montgomery County Bank and Brewton Parker College have been partners in the development of our community for many years.  This gesture of goodwill from the bank underscores the commitment we share." Mr. Thomas A. Peterson, President and CEO of Montgomery County Bank, echoed Dr. Smith's statement when he said, "Montgomery County Bank was founded about the same time as Brewton-Parker College, and we have enjoyed a friendship by working together ever since that time."  Dr. Smith added, "I am personally indebted to Thomas Peterson for many reasons, including making me feel at home on my arrival in Montgomery County."

When asked about his thoughts on the new facility, Mr. Peterson stated,  "we feel like the Student Activities Center will be a real asset to the entire community."  In an effort to show appreciation of Montgomery County Bank and thank them for their support of this project, the college will name the Hall of Fame area of the new facility in honor of the bank. 

Consisting of a gymnasium/exhibition hall, classrooms, student activity areas, offices, athletic dressing areas, training facilities, and concessions area, the 45,000 square foot facility is the college's most ambitious construction project to date.  The building is scheduled for completion in August 2002. 

With a gymnasium that will accommodate almost 2000 spectators, this new facility will enable the community to host tournaments in basketball and other indoor sports.  It will also enable approximately 2600 individuals to attend concerts, conventions, or meetings. It will mean that, instead of traveling to one of the larger metropolitan areas in Georgia for these purposes, citizens of southeast Georgia can stay at home and contribute to their own local economy.  It also means citizens from outside the area will be drawn to the region by these events.   


Mr. Thomas A. Peterson, center, President and CEO of Montgomery County Bank, presents a check from the bank to Brewton-Parker College.  Accepting on behalf of the college are Dr. David Smith, right, President, and Mr. Jay Orr, left, Vice President for College Advancement.