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Work-Study Positions for 2008-2009 School Year

MOUNT VERNON—Brewton-Parker College will be accepting applications from Brewton-Parker Students for the following positions.  School will begin for the 2008-2009 Academic Year Monday, August 25 beginning at 5 p.m. on the Mount Vernon campus.


Students must be validated and must have already qualified for Federal or Institutional work-study, which would be on their award letter for the 2008-2009 Academic Year.  Any students who are interested in applying for work-study positions should see Financial Aid to receive an application.


Brewton-Parker College is the only accredited four-year Christian college in South Georgia. Affiliated with the Georgia Baptist Convention, the college offers classes on its main campus in Mount Vernon and six external learning sites in Baxley, Glennville, Liberty County, Newnan, Norman Park and Savannah.

Admissions Student Assistant

Giving tours of campus, filing, running errands, handling student files, inputting data, working on mail-outs and answering phone.  Applicants should be dependable and able to manage confidentiality.  Dress should be neat and modest. Contact: Carla Ostrander

Admissions Telecounselor

Calling prospective students, work evenings. Must be self motivated. Contact: Carla Ostrander

Glimpses of Truth Coordinator

Communication major, computer skills, experience in Drama and speaking. Contact: Dr. Don Wallace

Bookstore Clerk

Dusting, vacuuming, loading and unloading boxes, stocking, helping customers, pricing merchandise, receiving goods, deliveries to various departments, filing and any other duties that may be required to operate the bookstore and maintain customer satisfaction. Ability to lift items up to 50 lbs. Contact: Lynn Addison

Briscoe Center Supervisor

Need students to provide chaperonage of building (Briscoe Center) activities, programs, etc.  Responsibilities include some secretarial type work (answering phones, taking messages, mail outs) and some general cleaning/straightening up, setting up for events, etc.  Students can work M-F 2-5 pm and 7-11 PM.  Contact: Glenn Wallace

Student Clerk for the Business Office

Office help; typing, filing, knowledge of Word and Excel a plus. Contact: Ira Bryant

Lab/Administrative Assistant

Will serve as lab assistant in computer labs.  Should have completed BUS 101 or are currently enrolled.  Should be able to provide limited assistance to users of the lab who have basic computer questions.  There will be some administrative assistance required for business faculty.  Preferably in the afternoon hours.  Will assist Dr. Williams in cohort activities for Mount Vernon and External Programs. Contact: Dr. Charlene Williams

Religion & Philosophy Division Clerical Assistant

Filing, copying, grading, mail pick-up, word processing, document delivery to other campus offices, personal library management for the Christian Studies faculty, and occasional library research.  It is helpful to be a Christian Studies or Ministry major. Contact: Dr. Hal Ostrander

Counseling Center Office Clerk

Main task is to cover the front desk of the Counseling Center, which means greeting students/staff/faculty who come in, answering phones, scheduling appointments, etc.  Also make copies, run errands, pick up tests for disability students, etc.  Due to the importance of strict confidentiality within the office, upperclassmen are preferred.  Dependability is imperative. Contact: Kathy Cunningham

Assistant to Director of Prof. Lab Experience

Copying, typing, filing, running errands, help grading papers. Contact: Mary Jones

Office Assistant - Education Division

Supervise technology lab in education building.  Computer/typing skills necessary.  Work-Study will also assist in general office work including filing, copying, etc. Contact: Mary Jones

Financial Aid Clerk

Student needed to file, answer phone, run errands, prepare mail-outs, help students and cover the office occasionally.  Must be responsible. Contact: Inez Adams

Fiscal Affairs Student Assistant

Applicants must have good people skills, computer skills, be a fast learner, dress professionally, have good telephone skills, be a self-starter. Contact: Ira Bryant

Human Resources Student Assistant

Person should be detail oriented.  Knowledge of Excel and Word preferred.  Duties include data entry, spreadsheets, filing, office errands, etc. Contact: Sharla Williamson

Student Maintenance

Assist the Liberty Campus maintenance personnel with daily housekeeping/grounds maintenance. Contact: Felicia Jemison-Jones

Media Clerk

Maintain/Process library materials. Contact: Felicia Jemison-Jones

Office Assistant

Assist with answering the telephone and various office tasks. Contact: Felicia Jemison-Jones

Assistant to Dr. Kinsella & Dr. Lagasse

General office work and community networking responsibilities. Contact: Felicia Jemison-Jones

Assistant to the Assistant to Director of the Library

Assist with daily processing of new library materials, gifts as well as other office duties such as: checking the library's catalog for duplicate materials, make copies of gift letters, filing, and other duties as specified by the Assistant to the Director of the Library.  Person(s) applying for this job must have good computer and communication skills as well as be attentive to detail. Contact: Shannon Bull

Student Housekeeping

Vacuuming, clean bathrooms, take out trash, mopping, general housekeeping. Contact: Ray Hamilton

Student Groundskeeper

Trim weeds and bushes; pick up pinecones, hedge trimmings, trash, and etc... rake and other yard maintenance as assigned. Contact: Ray Hamilton

Professor's Assistant/Librarian

General office work, filing, copying.  Maintain choral library, set-up for choir rehearsals and concerts, computer skills a must. Contact: Jennifer Blaylock

Postal Clerk

Sort and put up mail, meter mail, window service, delivering packages, answering phone (good etiquette a must), light cleaning, computer skills, UPS mailing, FedEx mailing.  Person must be dependable, patient, and hard-working.  If this sounds like you, I need to speak to you.  Come to the campus post office. Contact: Rosalie Selph


Handle writing assignments for the public relations department, including news releases. In addition to being able to write, must also be able to handle photographic assignments for campus publications, including news releases and archival files. Some general knowledge of photography needed. Need to also have access to a computer. Contact: Kelley Arnold.

Registrar's Assistant

Student must be very attentive to detail, be able to handle in-coming telephone calls in a professional manner, will work with retired files, sorting, and shredding, and will run general errands. Contact: Sara Crowe

Asst. to Chair of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Duties include grading exams and quizzes, entering data, filing, typing, running errands on campus (mail pick-up and delivery), must be familiar with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Front Page; internet research skills desired.  Preference will be given to political science majors. Contact: Dr. Lee Cheek

Game Room/Lee Center Monitor

Student will work under the supervision of the Director of Student Activities, Enforce the policies and procedures set forth by the Building manager.  Student must be dependable and responsible. Duties include cleaning and wiping down weight room equipment, organizing weights, and washing towels. Hours of operation are 10-10 M-F and some weekends. Contact: Sherrie Helms

Intramural Official

Assist the student intramural assistant and officiate and umpire all intramural events.  Help with set up and maintenance work under the supervision of the Director of students Activities. Student will work with Student Coordinator. Student needs to be dependable and responsible.  Contact: Sherrie Helms

Intramural Student Assistant

Plan and promote Intramural events, officiate and umpire games, set up and maintain all equipment, work under the supervision of the Director of Student Activities.  Student needs to be dependable and responsible. Contact: Sherrie Helms

Student Activities Student Assistant

Assist in planning and promoting activities for the students of the Mount Vernon campus.  This person will work directly with the SAC Coordinator and under the supervision of the Director of Student Activities.  The candidate should be dependable, honest, reliable and creative.  Duties include making advertisements for all events, planning events and homecoming.  This person will serve as Vice President of the Student Activities Council. Contact: Sherrie Helms

Student Activities Coordinator

Plan and promote activities for the students of Mount Vernon campus.  This person will work directly under the supervision of the Director of Student Activities.  The candidate should be dependable, honest, reliable and creative.  Duties including making advertisements for all events, planning events and homecoming.  This person will serve as President of Student Activities Council. Contact: Sherrie Helms

Assistant to Dean of Students

Office Assistant. Answer Phone, Paperwork, Filing, and General office work.  Must Maintain Confidentiality. Contact: Sherrie Helms

Student Affairs Clerk

Answer telephones, run errands, some clerical work, prepare flyers, make copies, confidentiality a must.  May need to work after 5pm during campus events. Contact: Beverly Powell-McLean

Housing Clerk

Typing, filing, computer knowledge, errands, answering telephone; Student must be honest, have a willingness to work, and be dependable. Contact: Carrie Myles

Residence Hall Monitor

Monitoring residence hall lobbies on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.  The hours will be from 6:00pm-10:00p., on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7:00pm-11:00pm on Saturdays, and from 2:00pm-5:00pm on Sundays.  Monitoring will consist of knowing who comes and goes, welcoming guests, and checking visitors into the residence halls for scheduled visitation times.  Work-Study students will be assisted by either the residence hall RD or RA on duty. Contact: Jessica Broughton

Clerical Assistant

Student worker will answer telephone, make appointments for students who drop in at the Writing Center, and do photocopying as needed. Student may also be asked to run on-campus errands (pick up the mail or items from the bookstore).  Hours are flexible; some specific times when desk coverage will be needed include Mondays and Wednesdays before 3:00 and Tuesdays and Thursdays between 11:00 and 3:00. Contact: Dr. Vicki Hill

Assistant to Humanities Director

Duties include typing, photocopying, collecting mail, and other tasks as assigned.  The assistant should be detail oriented and have good communication skills. Contact: Dr. Ruth Ellen Porter

Baseball Field/Clubhouse Maintenance

Baseball stadium maintenance; playing surface to grass - cutting, edging, weed killing, outfield, advertisement maintenance, clay dragging, raking. Contact: Sherrie Helms

College Advancement Clerical Assistant

Assist in typing, filing, answering phone, copying, and any other general office work that is assigned.  Knowledge of Microsoft Word & Excel a plus.  Assist in planning & execution of events.  Student is required to provide a work schedule and abide by it barring emergency. Contact: Kimberly Lajiness

External Programs Student Assistant

Applicant must be a self-motivated, hard working person w/ computer experience.  Must be able to file papers correctly.  Person should be dependable and responsible.  There may be manual labor required at times. Contact: Sadia Ajohda

Computer Lab/Math Assistant

Pre-requisite: MTH 102 College Algebra (minimum grade of B), BUS 101 Introduction to Information Systems (minimum grad of B); Dependable; Courteous attitude toward faculty, staff, and fellow students; Desire to work with students with different learning styles.  Duties: Assistant will monitor computer lab in Math & Science building, enforce rules and standards in the lab, assist students who need help with the computers or who have math questions while using computer math programs, and assist students in other math learning activities. Contact: Sherra Durden

Assistant Information Dispersal Technician

Assist with the design of a brochure for the department, design & assembly of displays for the lobby in the Math & Science Building, search the internet for data to be used in Math & Science classes, grade selected assignments, make copies, make transparencies, perform other general office duties. Contact: Sherra Durden

Math/Science Student Assistant

Student to assist with the greenhouse plants, assist with care of the fish, help prepare solutions for the evening college, pick up division mail and will assist in the set-up of the laboratories; assist with the preparation of brochures for the division. Contact: Dr. Mariam George

Math/Science Student Assistant

Student to assist with the greenhouse plants, assist with care of the fish, help prepare solutions for the evening college, pick up division mail and will assist in the set-up of the laboratories; assist with the preparation of brochures for the division. Contact: Dr. David McMillin

Gymnasium Maintenance

Clean gym/bleachers daily; after any special event and/or game. Contact: Sherrie Helms

Game Day Set Up

Game day set-up for basketball; set up score tables, ticket table, booster club section, bench seating, game clock, music, water coolers, booster room concessions. Contact: Sherrie Helms

Professor's Assistant

Seeking student with computer and piano skills;  This student would serve as a tutor for the Freshman Music Theory classes as well as assist me with class/secretarial duties. Contact: Dr. Pierce Dickens

Music Tech Lab Monitor

Monitor Music Tech Lab 5 nights a week from 6-9pm Mon-Fri.  Must have the ability to deny non-music students access to the lab.  Also, make sure that the lab is used by music students for music related projects and not checking email or surfing the net. Contact: Jennifer Blaylock

Office Clerk

Non Music Major; Answer phone, file, make copies, cover for Music Secretary for her lunch break, help music professor's as needed, be able to operate phone, fax machine, and copier.  Help students/teachers as needed. Contact: Jennifer Blaylock

Recital Hall Stage Technician

Need students to set stage for recitals, performances, and special events as assigned on rotating schedule.  Also make sure that equipment is properly taken down and stored.  Must be EXTREMELY RELIABLE and flexible.  Must dress appropriately for events.  Will train. No experience necessary. Contact: Jennifer Blaylock

Sound Tech

Need students to run sound equipment during recitals, performances and special programs as assigned on a rotating schedule.  Includes travel for some performance trips.  Job includes setting up and packing equipment as needed.  Will operate Video Camera as needed.  Will train.  MUST BE RELIABLE.  Must dress appropriately for events. Contact: Jennifer Blaylock


Light office work, Filing, Grading, Computer Tasks, Answering the phone, being in the office when I am not here to communicate with me what student may need, etc. Contact: Dr. Vance Rhodes

Asst. to Social & Behavioral Sciences Professor

Duties include grading exams and quizzes, entering data, filing, typing, running errands on campus (mail pick-up an delivery), must be familiar with Microsoft Word and Word Perfect, internet research skills desired. Contact: Dr. Winnifred Whittaker

Softball Student Assistant

Field maintenance – daily, game day field preparation, scoreboard operator, office errands, stats, pre-game clean-up, post game clean-up. Contact: Sherrie Helms

Computer Lab Assistant

Pre-requisite: Basic computer knowledge; Intro to Information Systems; MUST BE DEPENDABLE; Courteous attitude toward faculty, staff, and fellow students. Assistant will monitor computer labs in Jordan building; Enforce rules and standards in the labs; Assist students that need help with the computers (printing, saving to disk, Word, Excel, etc.). May work with technology services on help desk and other tasks. Contact: Ryan Relihan

Assistant to Women's Soccer Coach

This individual will be responsible for game day duties & equipment management, including laundry. Contact: Sherrie Helms

Women's Basketball Assistant

Laundry for practices and games; Locker Room Cleanup (practices & games); Gymnasium Cleanup (practices & games); Clerical duties which includes filing, typing, stuffing envelopes, etc. for camps, recruiting, fund raising, etc.; Equipment (inventory & maintenance); Stats for home games. Contact: Sheila Simmons

Note: Some of these positions have been filled. Contact the Office of Financial Aid to determine what positions need to be filled, 912-583-3296.



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